2016/2017 Postal Competition

Welcome to the 2016/2017 ‘Postal’, especially clubs taking part for the first time, also all new Tournament Secretaries. We hope you all enjoy your shooting and the competition.

We appreciate the terrific job you, as Tournament Secretaries are doing to help with the smooth running of the competition but please remember to let me have the results as soon as possible after matches have been shot – thank you.

Please make sure you have a copy of the current Rules Rev.1 BAP/10 these reflect the amended allowances.

Please Note: scores can be Emailed to me at: info@bapostalleague.co.uk, these must be set out in score sheet layout. Click here to download a Word Format or PDF .

Please revisit this website www.bapostalleague.co.uk during the season to keep up to date on latest news, results and downloads.

A few of the points that we are often asked:-
- If you are drawn against a Bye, the match must be shot and your scores sent in.
- All Frostbite rounds are to be shot outdoors.
- Clubs with multiple teams i.e. A,B & C etc., the makeup of the teams is decided by the highest scores (Rule 4) not chosen by the club before the shoot as an A or B list.
- All archers must shoot on the same day for each match.
- Due to the changes in postal charges the ideal envelope size to use if you are sending several score sheets at once is C5 (163 x 228mm),or if you do use a C4 envelope please use a Large Letter stamp, last season I had several underpayments to make good.
- If there is not an email address for one of your opponents a copy of your results must be sent to the postal address on the fixture list.
- If you email with requests etc. please always include your club name and the division the team is in.

The results will be sent directly to you during the season in January, March and May and also published on this website. The final list of winners will be published in Archery UK. All is now set for ‘the off’, good shooting and best wishes.

Latest News

Application form for the 2019/20 season is now on the downloads page.

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